10/21/13 – Winter Schedule

Part of the Winter Schedule for Ridge Road:
(Starting this week)

Mondays – Regular racing. Doors and Pits open by 4:00pm, Racing starts at 6:30pm

Wednesdays – Regular racing. Doors and Pits open by 4:30pm, Racing starts at 6:30pm.

Fridays – Drifting (more info coming soon.)

Saturdays – Will be week by week. Either practice, Pulling, Monster Truck racing, special events, Kiddo events, etc.

Sundays – Regular racing. Doors and Pits open by 9:00am, Racing starts at 10:30pm.

Oval and Touring – I’ve heard quite a bit of interest, but nobody can agree on which days just yet, but we will accommodate oval and touring where ever it ends up working for all.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are available for open practice. We just need someone to commit to opening and closing the facility on these days. Once we have those days set up, we will relay the practice times.

Schedule is subject to change, and more than likely will pending on interest for each day. We want to make sure we get full heats of each class.

And, I know it seems silly to race on Sundays, and then again on Mondays, but we have many racers that can ONLY race on Sundays, and many other racers that can ONLY race on Mondays.

If any changes are made to the above schedule, we will update our forum (www.wnyrc.com), Our website (www.mtxrc.com), and the outgoing phone message (585-690-8850).

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