11/4/13 – Parking at the Track

Parking at the Track.

As mentioned, we need to leave 8-10 spaces for our tenant/neighbor on the EAST side of the parking lot on race nights.

There is plenty of parking for us in the lot, so let’s stay to the WEST to help his customers. (He has many elderly customers, and they should be able to park at his entrance. Most of us need the exercise anyways, so a 100 foot walk won’t hurt us…..)

There will be nights where the lot will be at capacity. Feel free to double park on the West side, park in the “No Parking” area up against the building, park up along the East hill, (leaving space to pass), or even park up top in that parking lot. We have plenty of space, (lower lot about 60-70 spots, upper lot about 75 or so spots).

Let’s be good neighbors.

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