1/4/14 – Event at Hotshots

Saturday night at Hotshots.

Wow.  Saturday’s night event at Hotshots went better than I think any of us expected.

We started making the track right around 2:30pm, and had it all roughed in by 6:00pm.  A lot faster than I thought it would have taken us.  A whole bunch of people showed up early, and helped out.  Without everyone of you guys, we would have never made it in time.

Even though the track was mason sand, it held up better than any of us expected.   We had a great set of guys that maintained it throughout the night, and I don’t think it could have worked out any better.

Open “practice” from 7:00pm to 9:00pm was a riot.  At one time, I counted 27 vehicles out on the track at once!!!  That’s when we went to more of a controlled practice.  We had everyone from “hard-core” rc’ers, to people who have never touched a remote, to the owner of Hotshots.

Racing went smooth, and some of the races were actually really close throughout the night.  It was all just for fun, and it was great busting chops with everyone before, during, and after racing.  A lot of our summer racers showed up to hang out, and it was great seeing them again.

We brought a lot of interest for rc’s during this event, and that was the main goal.  I was bombarded with questions throughout the night from non-rc people, and that is what we wanted.  I know the track was not ideal, I know the PA system wasn’t the greatest, etc, …. But we defiantly exceeded our goal for the night.  Thank you.

HUGE thanks to Adrian, Scott, Lee, and Jason.  These guys were the “right-hand” men for the night, and they all tackled their “responsibilities” for the night 110%.   As you know, I am a control freak with stuff like this, and I was actually relaxed the whole night only because I knew we had a great crew running everything.

Thank you everyone who showed up early to help out!!!  Danny, Ben, Tyler, Tony, Doug, Justin, Brian, …… I know I’m missing more, thanks!!!!

Thank you Josh and Pat from MotoOption for the invite, and the biggest thanks to the owner of Hotshots, JB.  JB gave us free reign to pretty much do whatever we wanted, and he loved the final product.  He loved it so much, he has invited us back whenever we want!!!!  That’s huge in my book.

Hope you all had fun, and thanks for coming out.  Every part of the night was awesome.  It was probably the first time in years that during a rc “event”, I was relaxed, and enjoyed socializing with everyone of you throughout the night.  A lot of people are thanking me personally for the event, but every one of you are the ones that actually brought everything together.

Every year, Makintraxx RC has gone above and beyond anyone’s expectations in this area.  Without the solid, dedicated crew and racers we have, it would never happen.  We have even bigger plans in the future, and we won’t disappoint you.

Thanks everyone for the support!!!!!!


–          Brian

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