2017 Winter Monster Blast Results Week #1

We had a great day running some monster trucks today!!! It is unbelievable that this is the 15th consecutive year that we have run this event. We certainly couldn’t do it without the support and teamwork of everyone involved.


A HUGE shout out and thank you to Spencerport High School, the Spencerport School RC Club and Advisor of the club, Andy Pacitto, for hosting the event this year.  In addition, a huge thanks to everyone that has helped make the event happen this year.  Thank you to all of the Schools club members, and everyone that helped out on Saturday to get the carpet in the space, and to everyone that helped out this morning carrying equipment in, and helping setup.  It was just awesome seeing everyone pull together!!!!

Due to time constraints and entries today we were only able to get one round in, but as we announced halfway through the day – we will make it up to you on the 23rd!!!!

The plan for April 23rd, 2017 is we will run the second, and final race of the two event series this year. Your final percentages of runs will be added together, for both events, and will finalize the podium placements. At this race we will have many door prizes to hand out, as well as awards, and much more.

On to today’s results………………

Below are all of the runs for the day.  The actual order of each run may be off, but the times have been verified.  These really don’t mean much other than seeing your best runs versus your worst runs.  This list is not in a final placement order!!!!  Some racers like to see all of their runs, others really don’t care, but here they are:

Now, for the calculations – What we always do, is we take one half minus one of the total runs for day.  So, we were only able to run 6 times today, so we take your best top two runs and calculate a percentage of your run using the fastest run of the day for that class.  What this does, is it tightens up the spread, and leaves the podium placements open, up until the final event for the most part.

The closer the times, the closer the percentages………….

Here is “Today’s Winning Lineup”!!!!!!!

Thanks again everyone for supporting this event!!!!

See you all on the 23rd!!!!

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