2017 Winter Monster Blast Week #2 and Final Results

This years Monster Blast was awesome!!!!

We cannot thank everyone enough for all the help in getting this event up and running this year, especially with such short notice.

We are already in the planning stages for next years event which will allow more time for you guys to plan ahead.  Winter Monster Blast’s Schedule will be announced in early October 2017.

Throughout the two event series, we had everyone pitching in and helping with setting up, tearing down, running the system, marshaling, and everything that takes so much time to organize and run an event efficiently.  We have a great group of racers in this area, and we cannot thank you enough for all the help!!!!

Thank you to all the members of the newly formed Spencerport High School RC Club, and the adviser of the club, Mr. Andrew Pacitto.  This was a whole different form of racing that your club was able to partake in and experience. We hope that by having this event at your school, it helped give some insight to the wide diversity of this great hobby.

The proceeds from this event went to the Spencerport High School RC Club.  Given that it was a two week series, we were only able to raise $145.00. This was certainly lower than our typical donation due to the following: family discounts, multiple trucks per individual racers, discounted entries for racers that provide equipment for these events, the discounted rate for the second event due to the time constraints of the first, and the cost of the awards. However, Makintraxx RC will donate an additional $105.00 to make the total donation $250.00 that goes toward the Spencerport School RC Club to use as they see fit.  Thank you to everyone for your contributions, and with better planning for next years events, we should be able to at minimum, double this years amount for the Club!!!

The door prize sponsors that stepped up on such short notice were amazing.  Every racer was able to leave the event with some really cool RC swag.  It’s great that we have these sponsors supporting our events, and we all thank you so much.  Proline, Hobbico, and our main event sponsor for 2017…..  RC4WD.  We hope that each of you will visit the manufacturer’s websites and Facebook pages, and support these companies in the future.  Over our 15 year history of Monster Blast, our sponsors have been extremely generous to us by providing these door prizes, and we need to return these gifts by using them for all of our RC needs.  The home page at www.mtxrc.com shows the list of sponsors that continually support us.  Before purchasing anything, please visit our home page, and choose these sponsors for you purchases.  Thank you.


A special thank you to Mr. Alan Rorke, and Miss Britney Donovan. Britney and Alan both did an outstanding job running the timing system and announcing the run orders.  These are thankless jobs during events, and without you two keeping the show going……. the show would go nowhere.  Thank you so much for your time and energy so we could run some RC trucks!!!!

Now for Week #2 Results.

This time around, we were able to fit in two rounds of timed racing.  We barely fit them in, but we did.

We ran a total of (12) runs each, and here are the all the runs for Week #2:

(only top (5) will be used for the final tally, but here are all (12) runs……)

As you can see, we once again had a stellar turnout for the final race of the series!!

And now for Week #2 podium spots!!!!!!………….


And now it’s time for the final series winners of the whole kit and caboodle!!!!!

All top (3) podium placements received a trophy.

Between the ending of the time racing, and our freestyle and long jump event, we calculated the final event tally’s.

During this time, among all the distractions, we attempt to accurately calculate the results, double check our calculations, and look for any discrepancy’s.  Mistakes are made, and we do our best to correct any mistakes prior to announcing any winners.

However, I personally made a huge error in announcing the top three winners of 2wd Tuff Truck.

Second Position (first loser) of the 2wd Tuff Truck Class was given to Tommy Musson.  It should have been given to Tom Visconte.

I would like to say that I did it on purpose, subconsciously, to give Musson a glimmer of hope that he can truly, and fairly beat me at these events, but I honestly can’t believe I made such an embarrassing error.  The error was brought up to me, and when I finally had a minute to triple check everything, the error was found.

The transfer of said Trophy will be held at the outdoor track at the end of May, during one of our drivers meetings.  A candlelight vigil will be held.  Tears will be shed.  Laughs will likely be heard (by me at least).

Enjoy your trophy for a few more weeks Tommy.  In a few weeks we will be ripping it from your hands and handing it to the rightful owner.

One more rip on Tommy…….  I’m sure not only his truck feels like this now……

In all seriousness, I do apologize to both Musson and Visconte for this error.  It was 100% my mistake, and next time, we will take the extra couple of minutes to ensure something like this does not happen again.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE that helps with these events, and to all the racers that come out to have some side by side Monster Truck Racing Fun!!!!!

Some more pics:


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