3/28/15 Rugburn Rumble Results

Some really great racing today boys and girls!!!!

A great turnout for our first, hopefully annual, RugBurn Rumble!!!!

HUGE THANKS to everyone that helped out.  From Dominic, Bowman and Danny coming up with the track design, Dominic, Russell, Bowman and Janelle helping with the awards, Ron and Kevin helping clean up, and Ron being in charge of the complain department.  Every-time there was a complaint, I sent them to Ron.  Ron talked to them outside, and I never saw the complainer again for the night.  Not sure what really happened to them, but I probably don’t want to know……. 🙂

The layout was certainly fun.  For you out-of-towners, you can see we like our technical tracks.  Track was definitely a little “too technical” maybe for a race like this, but at the same time, it provided some really clean, passable racing.  Marshaling at one of our tracks is always a pain, due to the blind spots the poles give us, but overall everything ran very smooth.  If you crashed in the middle of the track, it was well known by everyone that you ran the risk of being on your lid for what seemed like forever.  But once everyone realized this, racers didn’t crash as much there…….  I loved this layout, and the overwhelming majority stated that this was one of the best layouts we have had, for the space we have to deal with.

I am never a fan of races like this, due to the fact that it usually brings out the worst in racers anytime, any type of title is on the line.  But I have to say, the sportsmanship tonight was absolutely amazing, and I never expected it to be so good.  We all know I get called a wuss, and am told that “That’s Racing!!!!”, but once I loose the fun of the RC hobby, I am personally out.  I have been to many “Trophy Races”, it is seems that the case is always that once the mains start, everyone starts driving like they are backyard bashing.  This race was the complete opposite.  The racing got cleaner, and cleaner as the racers found their line, and as the night went on.  Thanks for proving me wrong, and we have already started planning some huge events…….

Every event has issues, and ours was the same.  We had a little computer glitch in the 2wd Short Course last qualifier.  But all the racers unitedly agreed to rerun that qual, and that took care of that.  I expected some whining and crying especially since it was the last qualifier of the A Main racers.  But surprisingly, I was wrong.  I know it’s hard to imagine me being wrong, but even the best of the best have our faults.  I don’t mind at all being wrong on this one though!!!!!!!

Due to my OCD tendency’s, I of course had everything planned out timed wise.  And, we even beat that schedule, which allowed open track time between qualifiers and mains for open track time, of anywhere from 20-30 minutes each time.  If we eliminated the open track time, we could have been done about 2 hours earlier (by 7:00pm), but everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity of the open track time, and it gave us time to relax a little bit.

Was cool to run a spec class of 17.5 blinky buggy.  Thanks to Daryl Barth for teching everyone several times throughout the day, and before the mains.  There were a couple overcharged batteries that came through tech, but Barth made sure they met the rules before entering the track.  Ran 2 heats, and 2 mains of this class.  Joey Jr. took the win in the B main, with Nate taking the win in the A.  Nate and Levy freaking laid down the law, and ran some fast, freaking laps.  Next time our tech department will be pulling rotors and such, so be prepared for that……  :-).  Everyone passed tech tonight, and it was an awesome race to watch Nate and Matt battle it out.  Awesome win Nate!!!!!

Stadium truck was another fun race, and I actually got to join the fun in this one.  In the B main, It was awesome to run against Rick Siller for the first time in a very long time.  Unfortunately, three of the five trucks broke early into the race, and it came down to Dominic and Myself.  Dominic was having issues from the get-go, and it was a smooth win for yours truley.  Nobody likes to win like that, but a win is a win is a win.  So deal with it!!!!!  :-).  In the A, yours truly didn’t stand a chance, but gave it a whirl regardless.  I, in my usual race mode over-drove right at the start, popped a ball cup, and that was that.  Dylan took the well deserved win, with Danny chasing him down the entire time.  Was a fun race to just stand on the drivers stand and watch them race it out.  Great race boys.

Tuff Truck is always a blast to run, but at the same time, is tough running a top-heavy open wheeled vehicle.  Russell started at the pole, and was un-catchable.  Russell kept it smooth, and ran away with the win.  Good race Russ, and we were doing everything we could to catch you, and not have you lap us…… :-).

Our Novice and Kids class unfortunally was really small tonight.  We actually had quite a few preregistered to run these classes, but they were unable to make it out.  Justin Randolph took the awesome win in the Kiddo Class, with Tylor Foss taking the A main win Novice.  Thanks for coming out guys!!!!!!

2wd Open Buggy.  Dang.  Some great competitive racing tonight across the board, in every main.  Davis took the D main win, and bumped to the C, where Sammy took the win over Beyor by less than two seconds.  Good race!!.  In the B, Preyer, Fred, and Jordan had some great battles back and forth, with Jordan taking the win.  The race win was decided in the last couple of laps, and was another great race.  In the A, Siller was on freaking fire, and put on a great show for us. Levy and Danny where not far off, but were unable to catch Siller.  Great running Kevin!!!!!

2wd Short Course.  Awesome, awesome racing everywhere tonight.  From the first qualifier, right up until the A Main.  These guys had these freaking trucks dialed tonight.  And even due to our computer clitch, everyone remained sportsmanlike, and resolved the issue together.  Preyer got the worst of the clitch.  Lost TQ to Spencer by less than a second.  But, Preyer was a great sport about it.  In the C Main, Hubbell took the win and the bump to the B where Josh, Russell, and Jordan battled it out big time.  Sweet race to watch.  Greatest sportsmanship by far for the night.  Bassett ended up with the B main win, but not by much, and had pressure on him the entire race.  Killer race guys!!!!  The A main was a freaking blur.  These guys were fast!!!!  Preyer got the A Main win over Spencer, but it was not easy.  These guys battled it out the entire race, and was one of the best races to watch the entire night.  Awesome!!!!!

Thanks again everyone for coming out, and supporting the race.  We WILL be having many more of these types of races, and will turn them into some of the biggest races on the east coast!!!!

Summer is right around the corner, and if we can get mother nature to cooperate with us, it will be one of the best season’s in Makintraxx’s history!!!!!





R4_Race_01_10th Scale Buggy_D-Main.1


R4_Race_02_Short Course 2wd_C-Main.1

R4_Race_03_17.5 Buggy_B-Main.1

R4_Race_04_10th Scale Buggy_C-Main.1


R4_Race_06_Short Course 2wd_B-Main.1

R4_Race_07_Stadium Truck_B-Main.1

R4_Race_08_10th Scale Buggy_B-Main.1

R4_Race_09_4wd Buggy_B-Main.1

R4_Race_10_Mod Tuff Truck_A-Main.1

R4_Race_11_Stadium Truck_A-Main.1

R4_Race_12_Short Course 4WD_A-Main.1

R4_Race_13_4wd Buggy_A-Main.1

R4_Race_14_17.5 Buggy_A-Main.1

R4_Race_15_Short Course 2wd_A-Main.1

R4_Race_16_10th Scale Buggy_A-Main.1

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