5/15/13 – Personal Transponders

Our personal transponder order has been shipped, and will arrive in time for this Sunday’s race.  (5/19/13)
What was ordered was the new 3 wire RC4’s, which means that we will need to upgrade our decoder for this Sunday’s race, which of course means that any MRT transponders will no longer work.

All of the local weekly racing tracks in this area have already upgraded, and we have already had multiple racers show up with the RC4, and unable to use them. So, it’s time for us to upgrade.

We are not in the Personal Transponder retail business. However, to make it easier for you MRT racers, we will “honor” the Mylaps upgrade price. $36.00 (tax included) + your MRT = new RC4. For racers without a trade in, the price will be $90.00 (tax included).

Shoot me a message if you’d like us to reserve one for you. MRT racers will need to have first dibs though…… Once this order is exhausted, we may order more, but we’d like to get all the MRT’s taken care of this week.

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