6/30/16 Results

Another great night tonight out at Makintraxx RC!!!!

Thanks everyone for coming out tonight!!!!

Another phenomenal turnout!!!  Just plain awesome!!!!

The Sullivan’s were able to make it out tonight which is always a pleasure!!!  Peter Sullivan was able to take the win in Novice tonight!!!

A small crowd in 2wd Buggy tonight.  Cameron was able to take the A Main win just barely.  Willie Evans was screaming fast tonight, and was chasing Cameron down for the win, but he just couldn’t make it happen in the end.  Great run guys!!!

In 2wd Short Course, Russell took the A Main win!!!  This was a great race tonight with a lot of back and forth position changes every lap.  Awesome running everyone!!!!

In 4wd Short Course, Jordan Isselhard took the A Main win.  Everyone just flying around the track tonight.

In Etruggy, Binh Quan and Cameron Davis battled it out for the A Main win.  Quan with the Win!!!!  Cameron just chasing him down the entire race.  Great fast paced race.

We had over 20 Ebuggy’s out tonight!!!!!!  In the C Main, both Patrick and Peter Sullivan took the wins and the bumps to the B Main!!!  In the B Main, Jerry Lancot, and Leandro Buttarazzi took first and second for the bumps to the A Main.  In the A Main, everyone was just freaking fast tonight!!!!  Binh took to the A Main win tonight!!!!!

In Buggy tonight, The King came back to do some schooling!!!!  King Leo was throwing down the lessons during the race, and a whole bunch of scaredy cats actually had to pull off the track since King Leo was so fast tonight!!!!!  Awesome run tonight Leo!!!!!

Tonight was probably the last night on this layout.  Although a lot of racers love this layout, (including me), it’s that time of year for a change.  By next Thursday, our new layout should be done.

Thanks again everyone for coming out, and making Makintraxx RC what it is today!!!!!


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R3_Race_01_10th Scale Buggy_A-Main.1


R3_Race_02_Buggy - Electric_C-Main.1


R3_Race_03_Open Novice_A-Main.1


R3_Race_04_Buggy - Electric_B-Main.1


R3_Race_05_Buggy - Nitro_A-Main.1





R3_Race_06_Stadium Truck_A-Main.1


R3_Race_07_Short Course 4WD_A-Main.1


R3_Race_08_Buggy - Electric_A-Main.1 R3_Race_08_Buggy - Electric_A-Main.2


R3_Race_09_Short Course 2wd_A-Main.1 R3_Race_09_Short Course 2wd_A-Main.2



R3_Race_10_Truggy - Electric_A-Main.1

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