7/10/16 Results

Man, what another great day today out at the track.

Thank you everyone for coming out!!!

Started off the day with some rain, then turned into a misty rain.  We were finally able to get on the track around 10:00am or so, and we still decided to start before 11:00am today.

After the first couple of races, the track came in great.  Was bumpy with the chucks of pulled up clay in the corners, but the run line came in pretty good.

Thank you to everyone that helped keep the track raked throughout the day.  By the time of the mains, the track was awesome.

In Ebuggy, Dan Bach and Nick Bertozzi got the top two finishes in the B Main which bumped them up to the A Main where everyone was just a flying!!!!  A great battle for first position in the A Main from everyone.  Nelson ended up with the win at the final bell.  Great race everyone!!!

In 2wd Buggy, Big E and Norm Sandusky won the C Main and got the bumps to the B Main where Big E once again took first with Ben Tonkinson getting the second bumpity bump to the A Main.  Russell Stratton was on fire in the A Main, and took the A Main win.  Great crowd in 2wd Buggy today folks!!!  Awesome racing!!!

Some really great racing in 2wd Short Course today.  Another huge crowd for this class, and everyone was running for positions.  In the C Main, Norm Sandusky and Alan Rorke took the top two positions and got the bumps to the B Main.  In the B, Brian Davin and Scott Stanek took first and second, and the bumpity bumps to the A Main.  The A Main was a great race.  Rough start for many drivers, but it evened out after the first lap.  Every racer was fighting to up their position right up until the final horn.  Jordan took the A Main win today!!!!  Great racing everyone!!!!!!!

Great crowd of racers in 4wd Short Course also today!!!!  Jeremy Foss took the A Main win!!!  I know, I know……  Between Jordan winning 2wd Short Course, and Jeremy winning 4wd Short Course……  I just don’t know what to say.  I always wonder when Makintraxx will reach it’s tipping point, and with these two wins today……  The future doesn’t look that bright…….  (j/k)….  Great run guys!!!!!!

Full races of Stadium truck today with Russell Stratton taking the A Main win.  Great race everyone in that race!!!!

(10) Etruggies zipping around the track today.  Man, oh, man.  Just screaming fast, jumping high, lots of passing.  Just awesome.  I felt like I was in a war zone as I marshaled the main, but it was absolutely awesome.  Kevin Siller just laid it down, and took the A Main win today.  Great run guys!!!!!

Thanks again everyone for coming out today, and helping with the track.  Although it was looking pretty gloomy in the morning, the day turned out wonderful, and I hope you all had fun.

Thanks everyone!!!!!




R3_Race_01_Buggy - Electric_B-Main.1


R3_Race_02_10th Scale Buggy_C-Main.1



R3_Race_03_Short Course 2wd_C-Main.1





R3_Race_04_Open Novice_A-Main.1


R3_Race_05_Short Course 4WD_A-Main.1


R3_Race_06_Stadium Truck_A-Main.1 R3_Race_06_Stadium Truck_A-Main.2



R3_Race_07_4wd Buggy_A-Main.1


R3_Race_08_10th Scale Buggy_B-Main.1





R3_Race_09_Short Course 2wd_B-Main.1


R3_Race_10_Buggy - Electric_A-Main.1


R3_Race_11_10th Scale Buggy_A-Main.1


R3_Race_12_Truggy - Electric_A-Main.1






R3_Race_13_Short Course 2wd_A-Main.1

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