7/16/16 Pulling Results

Thanks everyone for coming out today!!!!!

Great time pulling today as always!!!

Thanks to Pat Monaco, Alan Rorke, and Adam Vilinsky for all the help today, keeping the program running smooth, and keeping the track maintained throughout the day.

The pulling scene in this area has a lot of potential, and we are excited to be part of it!!!

Thanks to everyone for supporting this niche of the hobby.  We are all having a great time with it, and we will continue to grow as time goes on!!!!

7-16-2016 Pull-page1 7-16-2016 Pull-page2


13645224_1761116147480268_3019636832853619632_n 13669023_1761116230813593_4867378043399612871_n 13690828_1761116274146922_967428541012703198_n 13697158_1761116187480264_2245120154132034229_n 13697198_1761116107480272_809768925350334043_n 13707547_1761116110813605_1670884628959636027_n 13718577_1761116177480265_6674204101533330425_n 13726727_1761116227480260_6756789665457560924_n 13769432_1761116270813589_1358818607530762690_n 13769590_1761116157480267_7390240444018156768_n IMG_20160716_133022133_HDR IMG_20160716_133027278 IMG_20160716_133036667_HDR IMG_20160716_133043434 IMG_20160716_133053996 IMG_20160716_133105595 IMG_20160716_133228098 IMG_20160716_133232868 IMG_20160716_133351778 IMG_20160716_133354877


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