7/16/17 Orange Dog Tail Chase

Orange Dog Tail Chase

Man, I don’t know where to begin to keep this short.
So many people pitched in to make this race happen.
I hate to leave anyone out, but a couple that stick out are Jeremy Foss, Cameron Davis, Russell Stratton and Tom Musson for all the hard work that they put into the track layouts, and the time they put towards grooming.
Chad Potter for supplying us members parts in case we break something at the track, or need to restock something.
Norm Sandusky from Orange Dog Garage for sponsoring this race, and being very patient with us while we had to keep delaying the race date due to the reorganization stuff we were going through.

Bart Candino for supplying us with food and drinks for this race, along with making the raffles run smoothly.  Jessica and Ashley for walking around selling the tickets for the raffle vehicles.  (Ticket sales went up 500% once Bart turned the sales over to them……  lol)

And Jared Bardin. I can not express how grateful I am personally that Jared is willing to drive 2+ hours every Sunday to call races for us. Everyone of us enjoy his play by plays, and he is phenomenal with doing them. Very few people understand the frustration, stress and urgency keeping a program going smoothly. On top of all of that, poor Jared is working out of an easy up to do all of this. And, I even threw a whole new software (for us), at him for this race. There are always hiccups at every race, and at this one, there were very few, and those hiccups were my doing. Thank you so much Jared Bardin, and we are all looking forward to the next Sunday you can make it out. Calling races without you here, just won’t be even close to the excitement you provide over the PA system.
We had outstanding entries for The Orange Dog Tail Chase, and to date, this was our biggest race in history. Thank you once again Norm Sandusky for organizing everything, and easing my mind that we were actually able to handle such a large race.

As always, we took notes on how to improve our program, and in time, we will get those implemented.  But overall, this entire race ran smoothly.

And, all of you racers, racer’s wives, families, and everyone that is a part of Makintraxx.  It still boggles our minds that a small backyard track has come so far with no major advertising.  We can connect every member to another member, and it all funnels down to our original racers ten seasons ago.  It is simply awesome where we are with the club, and where we plan to go with our club.

If anyone did not have a great time at this race, we really need to know.  I saw lots of laughs, lots of stories being told, a lot of great sportsmanship, and racer etiquette on, and off of the track.  Every race will have issues.  It’s part of the competitive nature of the hobby.  But it is great to see that Makintraxx can provide the competitiveness, while still maintaining the fun of the hobby.

We just switched to LiveTime for our scoring software, and are looking at the best way to display results and vids for you guys from this point forward.  For now, it is probably best to go right to their site to view the results.  LiveTime has done an outstanding job on keeping it organize.  And within the week or so, they will also be streaming our races on the site.

Thank you again everyone!!!!!!!


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