7/17/16 Results

Another great day of racing today folks!!!

Thanks everyone for coming out today!!

Another phenomenal turnout for a regular “club” racing day!!!

So…………  Marshaling really sucked today!!!!!!

We are chalking up the horrible marshaling today on a light body count, with decent entries.  Some guys were running 2 or 3 classes, and I’m sure it’s tough to race, marshal, race, marshal, race, etc…… but none the less, we have to be ready and willing to marshal to keep the program running smooth all day.

There are some guys that can not marshal due to health reasons which of course is fine, and we would never ask you to get out there to marshal risking your health.  Jen was unable to run the system today, so that left me stuck behind the computer for the most part, so I wasn’t able to get out there as much as usual.  And, we had multiple classes that only had (4) or (5) drivers in them…….. Add all of that to the fact that most of us run multiple classes……..  well, …….  today is what we end up with.

As much as I like to complain to you guys about marshaling, we truly have been doing a great job this year.  Today was hopefully just a once a year type ordeal………

We easily could have “saved” an hour or so with the program today if we had marshals on the track in a timely fashion.

Something for us to continually keep working on.

In 2wd Buggy today, Mike Brewer and Aaron Rowley took the top two positions in the B main which bumped them up to the A Main where unfortunately Jeremy Foss took the A Main win.  Everyone was rooting for Shaun Coyle to take the win, but Foss was able to hold it together, and end with the win.  Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes I guess…..

In Stadium Truck, man we had a great time running.  Lots of position changes, everyone was fighting to get a head of each other throughout the entire race.  Steve Campbell laid it down in the A Main, and took the win!!  Awesome racing everyone!!!!

In 2wd Short Course, Matt Kryger and new racer Bruce Rawleigh took the C Main wins and the bumps to the B Main where Brian Davin was just screaming fast, taking the B Main win with Jonathan Corbett securing the second position for the bumps to the A.  In the A Main, Bob Mott and Shaun Coyle battled for the win, with Coyle taking the A Main win!!  Another great race with some great battles for all positions.

In 4wd Short Course Mike Rowley was on fire as always, and flew to the finish line first for the A Main win.

In Ebuggy today, Jeremy Foss took the win in the B Main with Jonathan Corbett taking second, and the bumpity bumps to the A Main.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened in the A Main because throughout the whole race, fast guy Justin Williams lead the entire race, then all of a sudden, Mike Rowley came out of nowhere, and took the win.  (At least in my mind.)  I kept announcing that Williams had a substantial lead on the pack, and ignoring the fact that Rowley was riding his back wing the entire race.  Rowley ended up with the win right at the line, with Williams just inches behind him.  Great race Mike!!!!, and I apologize for the horrible announcing in this race today.

Small crowd of Etruggy’s today, but none the less, it is always awesome to watch these guys flying around the track.  Justin Williams was flying as always, and took the A Main win.

Justin Williams also jumped into the 4wd Buggy class which was way cool to see him wheeling an itty bitty buggy around the track, and he ended up with the A Main win!!!  Great race to watch today!!!

Thanks again everyone for coming out today, and the continued support of the track.  I know there are other options for many of you, and we appreciate your continued support!!!!

Thanks everyone!!!


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R3_Race_01_10th Scale Buggy_B-Main.1


R3_Race_02_Short Course 2wd_C-Main.1


R3_Race_03_Open Novice_A-Main.1


R3_Race_04_Buggy - Electric_B-Main.1


R3_Race_05_Short Course 2wd_B-Main.1


R3_Race_06_4wd Buggy_A-Main.1


R3_Race_07_10th Scale Buggy_A-Main.1


R3_Race_08_Short Course 4WD_A-Main.1


R3_Race_09_Mod Tuff Truck_A-Main.1




R3_Race_10_Truggy - Electric_A-Main.1


R3_Race_11_Stadium Truck_A-Main.1


R3_Race_12_Buggy - Electric_A-Main.1


R3_Race_13_Short Course 2wd_A-Main.1 R3_Race_13_Short Course 2wd_A-Main.2

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