7/2/16 Smack Talk Race #1 @ Twissted

Phenomenal racing today everyone, and HUGE thanks to all the Twissted crew for running a flawless program!!!

Here are the “Points Results”.  Please verify if we have you on the correct side…..  East or West.  I sat down with Rosato, and went through all the names, but there were some that we really were not sure which “side” they are representing.

Took us a week to realize that “Tito” was Tom Musson…….  :-).

If you find any errors, let us know, and we will get them fixed, and adjust the scoring accordingly.

Here is how we came up with the scoring system this year.  Thank you to Jeremy Bowman for coming up with this method.  It is by far the fairest, and it allows everyone to get a score for their side.

It’s basically like golf.  The lower the score, the better.

1st in A Main gets a (1), 2nd in A Main gets a (2)……..  If there are (8) racers in the A Main, then first in the B Main gets a (9), 2nd in the B Main gets a (10)…… and so on throughout all the mains.

TQ gets a (-5).  (negative five)

Let’s say a class has (15) Eastsiders, and (17) Westsiders in it.  ALL the Eastside scores would be tallied, and only the top (15) Westside scores would be tallied to keep it even.

Pretty simple, yet perfect for our Smack Talk East vs, West Race.

There are some classes that are not being used due to those classes not being raced at Twissted, or Makintraxx consistently.  An example would be the 40 and over class at Twissted, and the Tuff Truck class at Makintraxx.

Feel free to ask any questions, and PLEASE point out any errors that you may find!!!!

Once again, Thank you to the entire Twissted crew for the awesome program, the track,  Jeremy Bowman for the points system, and especially thanks to everyone that participated in this “series”.

We hope you all had fun!!!

(The green cells are the ones we used for scoring.  Blue is East, Orange is West)


The Lower “Score” is the winner!!!!!


East vs West score final-page2



East vs West score final-page7




East vs West score final-page3






East vs West score final-page4







East vs West score final-page5



East vs West score final-page6




East vs West score final-page8

East vs West score final-page9





Main 1 Main 2 Main 3 Main 4

Main 5 Main 6



Main 7

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