7/24/16 Results

What another great day for racing today was!!!!

Thanks everyone for coming out today.

Another hot scorcher of a day, but by the time the mains started, the clouds finally came rolling through, and conditions improved dramatically.

As many of you know, I attended CRC’s Intergalactic race yesterday, which was a great time as always, however, due to the weather we had out there, I was running late to Makintraxx this morning.

I apologize for not getting to the track this morning until 9:45am.  But, when I did arrive, I was very impressed and “proud” of everyone that got things cleaned up, and going for us in my absence.  Russell, Chad, Jeremy, and I’m sure a ton more…….  I can’t thank you enough.  You guys help with the daily track festivities every race day, and without your help, Makintraxx would not be where it is today.  It’s always great to see that we can continue to work together towards our ultimate goal of having a fun place to race.

Thank you!!!!

I was asked today what the pit spot situation at the track was.  I relayed that it is first come/first served.  However, we really need Russ, Jeremy, and Chad to pit where they typically always pit just for the fact of us needing them throughout the day.  The closer the better, and the better the program runs throughout the day.

I did learn that there are people “saving” spots for others that are on their way to the track.  I’m not really sure how exactly to handle this…….  I fully understand that many of us want to pit next to our close friends throughout the day, however, we typically have the same racers show every race day.

Now, I want to be clear that nobody approached me complaining about this.  However, I could sense some frustrations from a couple of people, only because they were both asked to move not just once, but twice as they got to the track this morning.  I would have been frustrated myself.

We do have many family’s that come to the track, and it’s always good that they pit together, so they can help each other keep track of their kids while they are racing.  This is something that can not change.  If anything, we want more family’s out, and although we try not to cater to anyone, I have always been clear that we will cater to the kiddo’s at Makintraxx no matter what.  So the families with kiddo’s coming……  Keep doing what you are doing!!!!!

As far as us grownups…….  I’m really hoping that the veterans of Makintraxx can continue to open their arms to the newbies of Makintraxx, and welcome them to pit close together with one another……

We have been looking at re-arranging the pitting anyways, and maybe this Thursday, we will give that a shot.  It will help dramatically with power issues, and nobody should get parked in.  But, we need to try it first to see if it will work.  Stay tuned……..

The racing was freaking awesome today though!!!!!

The 2wd Short Course A Main could be a poster video of how racing should be.  Fast racing, and just absolutely clean.  There were times when Brewer, White, and myself were going down the front quads side by side without even touching each other.  I love racing with those two guys because we all pretty much drive the same, and can ride each other hard, being able to predict when they will brake, etc…… And, at the same time, never having to worry about being “Hacked” by them.  Just awesome.

In 2wd Buggy, Rickie Peters and Jonathan Corbett took first and second in the B Main, and got the bumps to the A Main.  The B Main was a great race with everyone fighting for positions right up until the final horn.  In the A Main, Russell Stratton came home with the A Main win, with once again everyone fighting for final positions right up until the very last lap.  Just awesome racing!!!!!

In Stadium Truck today, Russell Stratton once again goes home with the A Main with the rest of the pack closing in on him.  Man, this was once again a great race.  Stadiums were just flying around the track, and one little mistake could change you position from first to fifth in a blink of an eye.  Awesome guys, and hopefully I will be able to join you next race day!!!

In 2wd Short Course, Ken Barber and Casey Kuchman took the top two positions in the B Main, and decided to join the A Main.  Man oh man.  As I said earlier, just complete awesome racing in the A.  Russell Stratton goes home with his third A Main victory in 2wd Short Course!!!  Every position was close.  Just great racing, and I personally have not had such fun, as we did today.  Just awesome.

Kyra Bach won the A Main in 4wd Short Course, just inches in front of Mike Rowley.  It came down to the mogules between those two.  Mike got it wrong, and Kyra sailed to the finish line.  Awesome, fast racing!!!!

In Ebuggy, Mike Rowley had to face another Bach.  Old man Dan Bach this time.  And once again, it came down to inches.  At the line, it was anyone’s win.  We actually had to wait for the decoder and program to decipher the finish before we could announce it…… and it was Mike Rowley with the win this time!!!!  Just awesome racing.

Small crowd of Etruggy today, with Dan Bach just zipping around the track taking the A Main win.  Awesome!!

And in 4wd Buggy, we once again had Mike Rowley put up a fight right until the final buzzer finishing less than a half a second a head of Fred Johnson.  It boggles my mind that one a track with over 900 foot of run-line comes down so close sometimes.  Just awesome racing guys!!!!

Once again guys, just awesome racing today, and I apologize for being scatterbrained at the start of the day.  Thanks to everyone that helped out getting things going, and making the program run as smooth as it did today!!!

Thanks everyone!!!!



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