7/31/16 Results

Thanks for coming out today!!!

Great day all around.

Had a little bit of rain that came through right before the mains, but the little half hour break we had to take was well worth it.  Track was very nice after the sprinkle.

And thanks to everyone that stook it out!!!!  I think we only had two racers that had to leave, but everyone else stuck around!!!  Awesome!!!!

In 2wd Buggy, a whole lot of racers fought for the B Main bump ups the entire race.  Tom Musson and Norm Sandusky were able to get it done in the end.  In the A Main, David Preyer laid it down big time, and took the A Main win!!!!

In Stadium Truck, Aaron Rowley and once again Tom Musson took the top two spots in the B Main, earning them the bumps to the A Main where Russell Stratton and David Preyer fought it out with Stratton taking the A Main win!!

In 2wd Short Course, Eric Schifferele and Norm Sandusky took the B top two positions, and the bumps to the A Main, Jeremy Foss took the win, with battles going on for every position right up until the final buzzer.  Awesome racing everyone!!!!

In Ebuggy, Fred Johnson and Jonathan Corbett took position one and two in in the B Main, and bumped up to the A where Bihn Quan was flying around the track for the A Main win.  Super fast racing!!!

In Etruggy, the competition was wild with Siller and Quan screaming around the track.  Kevin Siller finished strong for the A Main win!!!!

Some super fast racing in 4wd Buggy today with Fred Johnson taking the A Main win.  Great run Fred!!!!

Thanks to Jen for announcing races today, and Chad Potter for cooking for us.

Thanks again everyone for the great day of racing.  We hope you all had some fun today, even with the rain delay!!!!



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R3_Race_01_Buggy - Electric_B-Main.1


R3_Race_02_10th Scale Buggy_B-Main.1


R3_Race_03_Stadium Truck_B-Main.1


R3_Race_04_Open Novice_A-Main.1


R3_Race_05_Short Course 2wd_B-Main.1


R3_Race_06_Stadium - Nitro_A-Main.1 R3_Race_07_Short Course 4WD_A-Main.1





R3_Race_08_10th Scale Buggy_A-Main.1





R3_Race_09_Buggy - Electric_A-Main.1




R3_Race_10_Stadium Truck_A-Main.1



R3_Race_11_4wd Buggy_A-Main.1


R3_Race_12_Truggy - Electric_A-Main.1


R3_Race_13_Short Course 2wd_A-Main.1

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