7/6/17 Results

Finally we were able to open and start racing for 2017!!!!!!

Between the wet Spring/Summer thus far, and all the legal mumbo jumbo we have had to go through regarding our huge expansion to Makintraxx.  It feels great to get back on the track!!!!

Thanks everyone for coming out tonight to join in on the fun!!!

Big, Big thanks to everyone for the help in getting the track up and running, and for all your hard work, and more importantly, the support you have shown Makintraxx over the last couple of months!!!!!  Jeremy Foss, Russell Stratton, Chad Potter, Cameron Davis, Tom Musson, and everyone else that pitched in!!!!

Track came in real, real quick for a new layout, and our first race on it.  Overall, the layout is awesome!!!!  A couple take offs need a little love, and we will be sure to get those groomed in, over the next couple of days.

Foss came up with this run line, and I think it’s perfect for our type of racing.  Fast with sweeping turns, very few hard turns, wide lanes, etc…….  Perfect.  Thanks Jeremy!!!!

Some great racing for this layout already was seen tonight.

Thanks everyone for coming out, and we will see ya all this Sunday!!!!!!














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