7/7/16 Results

Thanks everyone for coming out tonight!!!!

Another fabulous night of racing!!!

Tonight was our first night on the new track layout, and it started to rain pretty good once the pits opened up.  Fortunately, the track dried out perfectly before racing began, so we had ideal track conditions……  Which is amazingly lucky with a brand new layout.

Thank you to everyone who helped get the track ready in time.  We pulled the pipe Sunday night, and had the final grooming and new pipe layout completed Wednesday night.  The weather, and the timing to complete the changed worked out perfectly.

We are looking at a little revamping on the front stretch quad though.  If we all slowed down just a bit before hitting it, we will be able to keep it as it is, however, we had a couple of drivers tonight hit it hard which landed them a little too close for comfort in pit lane.  We will decide what to do with it over the next couple of race days…….

In Ebuggy tonight, we had a heck of a crowd!!!!  Was freaking awesome to see everyone out!!!  Nelson and Issac too the top two positions in the B Main, which bumped them up to contend in the A Main.  Mr. Brian Bush and little ole Kevin Siller where just screaming fast in the A Main.  The top five positions were close throughout the entire race, and it was fantastic to see everyone just flying around the track tonight.  Bush takes the A Main win tonight!!!!  Love having Bush out at the track!!!!

In 2wd Short Course tonight, Issac and Jeff took the B Main wins and also headed to the A Main.  The A Main was a great race with lots of position changes throughout the entire race.  Brian Bush was once again on fire and took the A Main win in 2wd Short Course tonight!!!!  Close final positions right until the end of the race tonight.  Sweet!!!

In 2wd Buggy, Jason Wruck was out at the track again tonight with his sweet daughter, and Jason took the 2wd Buggy A Main win tonight.  Love having Jason and Megan out at the track!!!

In the Stadium Truck class tonight, Brian Davin did some schooling and took the A Main win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You heard that right.  An A Main Win!!!!!!!!  First time Brian has won an A Main in 8 years of operating the outdoor track.  Call it luck, call it that Russell had to leave early, call it what you want.  I call it an A MAIN WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good racing guys in Stadium.  My truck just felt great tonight, and was apparently set up for tonight’s track conditions.  I’m sure it will be another 8 years before you see my name at the top of the A Main again……….

In Etruggy, Bush and Siller battled it out once again with Siller taking the A Main win.  Bush was really not that far off of Bush, but just missed finishing on lead lap, and getting one more chance to catch Siller at the bell.  Awesome run everyone!!!!

In 4wd Short Course, Brian Bush took the A Main win with a constant battle with Jordan.  Even at the final bell, Bush slowed down just a tiny bit coming down the moguls giving Jordan one more little chance of opportunity for the win……  But it didn’t happen, and Bush takes the win!!!!!

Thanks again everyone for coming out tonight, and supporting the track.  We are having a killer turnout this year, and it’s great to see that we can continue to grow!!!!!

Thanks everyone!!!!

R3_Race_01_Buggy - Electric_B-Main.1


R3_Race_02_Short Course 2wd_B-Main.1


R3_Race_03_Open Novice_A-Main.1


R3_Race_04_10th Scale Buggy_A-Main.1 R3_Race_04_10th Scale Buggy_A-Main.2



R3_Race_05_4wd Buggy_A-Main.1


R3_Race_06_Short Course 2wd_A-Main.1 R3_Race_06_Short Course 2wd_A-Main.2


R3_Race_07_Stadium Truck_A-Main.1


R3_Race_08_Buggy - Electric_A-Main.1


R3_Race_09_Truggy - Electric_A-Main.1


R3_Race_10_Short Course 4WD_A-Main.1

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