7/9/17 Results

Thanks everyone for coming out today!!!

Great, great turnout!!!!

Track was great, people were great, racing was great, the computer scoring system…… well….. not to sure what to even say….

We have never, and I mean NEVER have had so many issues as we had today!!!  We have had hardware issues in the past, but never software issues.

We can not apologize enough to all of you.  We had several new racers show up today, and today was just embarrassing for us.

What I can say, is that although we can not guarantee this will never happen again, we have already taken steps to eliminate these issues in the future.  We have a completely new program operating now.  We have wanted to upgrade to Livetime for the last couple of years, but it really did not make much sense because we have only been racing a few months per year.  But with our new building being built in the next couple of weeks, now was the perfect time to take the plunge.

We even had issues today with the video camera.  Just a frustrating computer/camera day all around.  We are glad that it is behind us, and we can look towards the flawless future!!!!!  lol.

Huge thanks to Jared Bardin for the help today.  I know it was frustrating for you today, and I apologize.  It’s great having you at the track announcing races for us, and we all enjoy your directing!!!!!

The results are weird, and we understand that.  We took what we could, and ran with it.  Only way to finish the day was to overwrite round 2.  Hopefully we were able to capture most of the “mains”……. if we can even call them that…..  :-(.

The videos are horrible (as far as getting all the races), and we apologize.

But, all and all, it was great to see everyone once again, and to be able to hang out together once again!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone for your patience, and your understanding!!!!!!


R2_Race_13_Truggy – Electric(1)



R2_Race_12_Buggy – Electric(1)

R2_Race_11_Buggy – Electric(1)



R2_Race_09_Short Course 4WD(1)


R2_Race_08_Short Course 2wd(1)


R2_Race_07_Short Course 2wd(1)


R2_Race_06_4wd Buggy(1)


R2_Race_05_Stadium Truck(1)



R2_Race_02_10th Scale Buggy(1)


R2_Race_03_10th Scale Buggy(1)

R2_Race_01_Open Novice(1)

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