8/20/16 – Smack Talk Final Race

And……. once again we were only able to get one round of qualifying in due to the rain.

The weather just kept flirting with us all day.  Once the track would dry out, and was ready to run, it would rain again.

8+ hours of sitting around in the pits.

But just about everyone stuck it out!!!!!

We had to call today the final race of the Smack Talk series.  So, instead of running (3) quals, and mains, we ended up handing out the awards based on “rocket round” for today’s qualifier, added to last weeks one qualifier.

The qualifying was really shaping up to be some great mains, with some really close qualifying.

Racing is racing.  It’s is certainly some competitive fun, but I hope the majority of you still had fun chewing the fat in the pits all day.

Thanks to everyone that came out last week, and to all of those that returned today!!!!!

On a much happier note, (for us Westies), we once again dominated the smack talk series this year, and are in turn the reigning champions for the second year in a row!!!!!!

There is always next year you Easties…………

Here was the final tallies from round one @ Twissted on July 2nd, 2016…..

(The details of each class from race #1 can be found Here)



And, after today’s “racing”, here are today’s overall class results

East vs West score West total-page1


For a grand total of…………………

East vs West total Score-page1



Here are the breakdowns for each race today…………..

East vs West score West-page1 East vs West score West-page2 East vs West score West-page3 East vs West score West-page4 East vs West score West-page5 East vs West score West-page6 East vs West score West-page7 East vs West score West-page8


And, of course if you see any errors in my additions, please let me know.  (I did go to a public school ya know…….)


And today’s one qualifier results………….

R2_Race_01_10th Scale Buggy.1 R2_Race_02_10th Scale Buggy.1 R2_Race_03_10th Scale Buggy.1 R2_Race_04_Stadium Truck.1 R2_Race_05_Stadium Truck.1 R2_Race_06_Short Course 2wd.1 R2_Race_07_Short Course 2wd.1 R2_Race_08_Short Course 2wd.1 R2_Race_09_Open Novice.1 R2_Race_10_4wd Buggy.1 R2_Race_11_Buggy - Nitro.1 R2_Race_12_Old Fart Class (40+).1 R2_Race_13_Short Course 4WD.1 R2_Race_14_Short Course 4WD.1 R2_Race_15_Buggy - Electric.1 R2_Race_16_Buggy - Electric.1 R2_Race_17_Buggy - Electric.1 R2_Race_18_Truggy - Electric.1 R2_Race_19_Truggy - Electric.1

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