8/27/17 Results

Thank you everyone for coming out today!!!!

With all the time consuming activities that are involved with our new indoor track facilities, I have not posted results here yet this year.  And I apologize.

Also, within the next week or so, we should have our new computer system, along with our new camera system up and running, so once again we will be able to post all race videos as we did in the past.

As you all know, we switched racing software this year, and we are now using LiveTime.  LiveTime gives us much more flexibility, and many more tools for us as racers.  If you have not checked out our page yet through Livetime, I recommend that you do.  You can see all race results for all events ever ran at Makin (from the date we upgraded), along with each individual lap times, practice times, graphs, etc.  There are many cool reports that Livetime generates automatically for us, and it is nothing short of awesome.  Eventually, we will be incorporating the kiosk features, and lap time printout feature for you guys.

The link to Makintraxx’s Livetime page can be found at:  Makin’s Dashboard

Today’s event results can be found at: 8/27/17 Results

We started way late this year due to the permitting process we undertook for our new indoor facility which is currently in the process of being built.

But, every race day has been great, and today was no exception.  For whatever reason, I think today was one of my favorite race days of all time.  Great people at the track today, which made for some great racing.

Thank you to Jared Bardin for the help running races today, and in the past.  Having Jared running races takes my stress levels from 110 down to 10.

Also, having you guys step up, and help with the race day activities is a huge help.  Jeremy Foss for watering the track several times today, Chad Potter for keeping the parts department organized, Russell Stratton for being the go to guy for any technical difficulties, and even Cameron Davis for dumping the garbage this morning for us.  Even though he did a half-a$$ed job at it, and Mr. Rick Fowler had to step in and show him how to complete said job……..   lol.  (Thanks Rick.)

Today was the third race on our new layout, and it is nothing short of one of the best layouts we have ever had.  Thank you to Jeremy Foss for coming up with this layout, and several of the previous ones.  Every layout change we make, we learn more and more of what works for us, and what does not.  With this layout, every aspect of it works 100%.

We had a little issue with the timing system today, but we were able to rectify it in a timely fashion.  It was just a simple wire interference issue, and we did not loose any times, or race results.

It’s great to see so many new faces at the track this year.  We hope you are enjoying our program, and as always, we are looking for feedback of our race program, and facilities.  Whether good or bad, we need to hear from you, so we can improve, or keep doing what we have been doing.  Never hesitate to voice your opinions to us please.  This is OUR track, and we need to make sure we are running it as we ALL want to see it run.

CHRIS ESTEY was the marshal of the day, and went home with a very nice MIP t-shirt.  Every race day, we will be giving out different door prizes, for different exceptional performances at the track.  Thank you Chris!!!!

Ron White was at the track today, and it was great to see out again!!!!  Ron and Chris Estey took the two bumps from the C main of 2wd Short Course, and went to the B main where Casey and Mario took the top two wins, and the bumps to the A.  In the A main, the top fast guys ran a great race with Russell taking the A Main win.  In the back of the pack, it was Me, Mario, and the one and only Musson.  The three of us just could not get it together, and we basically were just road blocks for the fast guys.  I will say though, it was probably the most fun we have had racing together, even though we stunk up the place with our driving skills.

In 2wd Buggy B main, Jason Habuda and Clinton took the wins and went to the A main where Jared Bardin and Cameron Davis really stunk up the show.  It took Jared about seven laps to get it together, but once he did, he lead the final seven laps for the A main win with Cameron taking second.  Great racing guys!!!

In Ebuggy, Clinton, and first timer out Larry Richmond took the B main wins, and went to the A main where Cameron Davis once again put on a great show for us, for the first eight laps or so.  Cameron then fell behind, and just could not get it back together.  Dan Hoogwerth who has been running stellar all year ran away with the Ebuggy A main win!!!!  Another great race to watch today at the track.

My boy Colton took the Novice A main win today, and I think it won’t be long before that snot nosed kid will be moving up to the 2wd short course class only, and not racing novice anymore.  Cole has been running great this year, and it’s awesome to watch him drive smoother and smoother every race day.  Great racing Colton!!!!

Russell won the Stadium A main with Musson taking second….  (I know, right???  even my computer screen just went blank when I typed “Musson taking second”…. oops, there it goes again…….)

And in Etruggy, it was nothing but fast racing all around with Bardin starting at the pole, and coming home with the A main win!!!!

Thanks again everyone for coming out, and supporting Makintraxx RC Club!!!

We have big plans for the future, and the future continues to look brighter and brighter in our community for some good ole rc racing fun!!!

Thanks everyone!!!!



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