Boca Bearings Joins Makintraxx RC

Makintraxx RC is very proud to announce that the Boca Bearing Company has joined the Makintraxx RC family for the 2015 Outdoor Race Season!!!


Boca has a huge selection of bearings for RC Racers and on top of that, offer a wide selection of bearing types for us.  Everything from chrome steel races, balls, retainers and shields, to ceramic balls, removable non-contact rubber seals.

Boca even offers as part as some of their kits two different versions of each bearing included in the kit.  One with Af2 oil for on road or clean environments and another with NB2 grease for off road or dirty environments. And of course, free seal replacements are supplied upon request.

On Boca’s website, they even provide a handy RC Bearing Finder for our use.  It can be located here.

Please support the companies that support Makintraxx RC!!!!!

Boca has already sent Makintraxx Rc some door prizes for future events.  These include Boca mouse pads, handy multipurpose tools, T-shirts, $50.00 gift certificates, and much more.

When it comes time to replace your RC vehicles bearings, or even when you decide to order extra bearings for future replacement, Go to, and lets show them our support for their product!!!!!


Boca package






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