Classes and Rules

Popular classes at Makin-Traxx are:

Tuff Truck

Stadium Truck

Nitro Stadium

2wd Short Course

4wd Short Course

10th Scale 2wd Buggy

10th Scale 4wd Buggy

8th Scale Electric Buggy

8th Scale Nitro Buggy

Electric Truggy

Nitro Truggy

Monster Truck both Electric and Nitro

We will accommodate any Electric and Nitro RC vehicle at Makin-Traxx.  Currently we will not be going by any set standards or rules for each class.  (Run whatcha Brung).

Only weekly rules we go by are the obvious one’s…. Short Course must (should) have a truck Short Course full size body, tires, rims, 2 cell battery in all 1/10th scale classes, etc….  Common sense stuff…..

When we have special events throughout the year. Classes and class rules will be clearly defined for those events.