ServoCity Joins Makintraxx RC

Makintraxx RC is very proud to announce that the ServoCity has joined the Makintraxx RC family for the 2015 Outdoor Race Season!!!



Please support the companies that support Makintraxx RC!!!!!

ServoCity has already sent Makintraxx Rc some door prizes for future events.  

These include a set of of Proline 2.2 Masher Truck Tires, $15.00 gift certificate, ServoCity stickers, a set of shocks, a coupon code for all Makintraxx RC racers to receive a 10% discount on all of their products, and of course ServoCity’s famous bags of candy!!!

EVERYBODY needs to visit ServoCity’s website @ and check out the wide range of cool products, tools, gears, controllers, etc…..  The list goes on and on……

Go to, and lets show them our support for their product!!!!!


ServoCity package


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